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Hi.. This script uses for upload file in your server. You can use this script with PHP extension. Some website administrators or hacker use this script for upload some files in their server. This posting is not used for cyber criminal. Read the rest of this entry »


Thank you very much for your coming in this blog.. OK. at this post, I will tell how to make Local Server in Ubuntu. One reason why I  use my Ubuntu-Desktop becomes Local Server whereas there is Ubuntu-Server?? Because for devoloping Local Server with Ubuntu-Desktop is easier than I have to install Ubuntu-Server. Read the rest of this entry »

Ok.. With me, Panteng… Nice to meet you all againt

This posting id referred to all ubuntu and backtrack end-users. I will share my experience with linux grub loader problem. When I have finished install backtrack 4 R1 in my laptop, I’m so very happy because I can use backtrack againt after my laptop has been broken. 😀

But I have one problem with Grub Loader, when I choose my Ubuntu OS in Grub Loader, there is message from my monitor like this :

Error 15 : File Not Found

Press any key to continue …. Read the rest of this entry »