This is a great happiness when I was joining in a professional company in Indonesia, its new brand name is TelkomProperty. Although this company is subsidiary of TELKOM but till now I feel and believe this company will develop better than TELKOM.

Over one year, I looked for an Engineer position, and I found this company. Why I choose an Engineer? Cause Engineer is solution, Engineer is a person who combine between theory and practice (technical) in all of life side. Yeah, thank you very much God for this blessing.

My gratitude is also given to my little family in my previous company (Soulmaks Magazine), their always gave me much spirit for completed my job as Web Director in Soulmaks Magazine. Basically, I’m happy as apart of you all.


This is the sample of Running LED Circuit and Tempretature Sensor Circuit that made from ISIS PROTEUS software. In this posting, I just attach the fix circuits of them. Hopefully can useful for you all especially for my all practicum participants. Read the rest of this entry »

I don’t know, why my old database scanner can’t be used now. So I’m going to share my other database scanner used to looking for file configuration (file that connects into database CMS application). Read the rest of this entry »

About six months ago, I never forgot when I was called to the place of Jenbacher Crew (a team who manage the computer networking and website content in my campus – administrator team). I was surprise, when suddenly I was suspected as a security breaker in my campus. “What’s up?” “What’s happened?” You know that at time I was falling down. I didn’t know what must I did. I couldn’t think clearly cause I was threatened for suspended from study on Electrical Engineering Department. and their decision made me very very confuse. Read the rest of this entry »

I will share a new uploader of file into the server. Some days ago, I have shared a simple of File Uploader and in this uploader file, you can use Linux Command for some necessaries Read the rest of this entry »

OK. with me, I’m going to tell you how easy hack WordPress CMS if you’ve been uploaded the backdoor on the target website in one server. Firstly, I want to say that if there is one target website which have been uploaded the backdoor by attacker, so many moments that the attacker will do if the server isn’t secure. You must remember that one target website can represent¬† one server.¬† Read the rest of this entry »

Hello. In this moment, I want to share a PHP syntax about Database Scanner.Actually this application is hacking tools for access other websites in one server. Believe or not, if you have gotten a website target and then you have uploaded your backdoor in your website target, you can upload this application for scan/search some types of databases in your server and you can check your the security of your server besides that you can reach the FTP Account fromother websites in one server. Read the rest of this entry »